Spicy Peanut Salsa

Salsa macha is a rich and flavorful sauce originating from Orizaba and Cordoba in the state of Veracruz. Unlike many classic Mexican table sauces, this one doesn’t have any tomatoes or tomatillos in it. The base of the salsa macha is so simple and yet so delicious – toasted dried chiles, oil, garlic and salt. Sometimes roasted peanuts or or sesame seeds are added to give it a nuttier flavor. These salsas tend to be spicy, are super easy to make and last a really long time in the fridge.
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Pickled Jalapeños + Vegetables

Mexican pickled chiles are prepared with apple cider vinegar along with a variety of herbs such as thyme, marjoram, oregano and bay leaves.  They are served on tortas and steamed street tacos (tacos de canasta literally translated to as basket tacos) as well as in cantinas to snack on alongside a cold beer.  The chile that is most commonly used is the jalapeño, however depending on where you are in México el chile guero (banana peppers) or chile manzano may also be used. Pickled chiles are frequently made with sliced carrots and in many central Mexican states a variety of vegetables may be added such as cauliflower, potatoes, cactus, mushrooms, chayote and/or Mexican zucchini.  Because of the vinegar, the chiles and vegetables can last a very long time when stored in the fridge and they keep even longer if canned.

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