Huevos Divorciados / Divorced Eggs

Huevos divorciados are yet another example of the the array of delicious and creative Mexican egg dishes.  This breakfast gets it’s peculiar, but amazing name because the eggs are separated by refried beans and bathed in red and green salsas.  It’s a classic breakfast or brunch option throughout Mexico City restaurants and fondas and while  it may not be listed on the menu, usually if there is the option to order huevos al gusto that includes huevos divorciados.  

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Spicy Peanut Salsa

Salsa macha is a rich and flavorful sauce originating from Orizaba and Cordoba in the state of Veracruz. Unlike many classic Mexican table sauces, this one doesn’t have any tomatoes or tomatillos in it. The base of the salsa macha is so simple and yet so delicious – toasted dried chiles, oil, garlic and salt. Sometimes roasted peanuts or or sesame seeds are added to give it a nuttier flavor. These salsas tend to be spicy, are super easy to make and last a really long time in the fridge.
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Chile + Fruit Mole with Chicken

Manchamanteles, literally meaning tablecloth stainer is a type of mole, originating from the Mexican states of Oaxaca and Puebla.  As with most moles, manchamenteles is made with dried chiles, nuts and spices, however what makes it unique is that it’s prepared with fruit, giving this savory dish a subtle, sweet finish.

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