María José’s Chilled Shredded Veal with Light Vinegar Dressing

This is the first in a series of recipes that I will be publishing that have been passed along to me by friends, cooks and restaurant owners.

María José Serrano Sada has been a friend of mine for about two years and is a chef, writer, editor and artist.  In March she invited me to her beautiful home in the Roma neighborhood in México City to sip on cold beers and teach me how to prepare salpicón. 

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Chicken Stew with Prunes + Olives + Vegetables from Chiapas

An estofado is a kind of stew that is prepared with meat, vegetables and spices and cooked in broth or sauce over low heat.  Because of the extended cooking time, the meat absorbs the flavors of the spices, dried fruits and vegetables resulting in   deliciously tender and flavorful meat.

Stews are a typical dish in Chiapas and this recipe is an adaptation of one by Patricia Quintana from her cookbook, Sabor a Mexico.  The combination of the savory meat, olives, spices and vegetables with the sweetness of the prunes is characteristic of cuisine from this southern state in Mexico.

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Chicken in Chipotle + Tomato Salsa

Tinga de Pollo is a classic dish primarily from central Mexico made with shredded chicken, beef or pork and served in a tomato, onion and chipotle sauce.  Tinga is commonly found in street stands and served as the filling for quesadillas and tacos or on tostadas.  This dish is a crowd pleaser and is also a staple at baby showers, baptisms, among other family events and parties.

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Spaghetti w/ Poblano + Cilantro Sauce

Spaguetti Verde is a delicious creamy pasta dish and that is easy to prepare and most definitely falls into the category of comfort food. In Mexico, pasta dishes are frequently eaten in fondas or local diners where cheap 3 course meals are served for lunch.  Generally, pasta is eaten between the first course, usually soup, and the main dish and is frequently served overcooked.  I never thought I would enjoy mushy, overcooked spaghetti, but after almost four years of living in Mexico I have come to like it.  Nevertheless when I prepare this dish at home I do not overcook it.

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Salsa-Dipped Sandwiches Filled with Potato + Chorizo

Pambazos are a classic Mexico City antojito or snack food that are sold in food stands located outside of metro stations, in parks and lining large avenues and streets.   Pambazos are a type of bread similar similar to telera rolls that are dipped in a guajillo salsa, fried and filled with potatoes, chorizo, sour cream and shredded lettuce and are easily one of the city’s most popular antojitos.

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