Motul Eggs

I´ve been long overdue for another egg recipe. As I’ve mentioned before Mexico has an incredible array of egg dishes and huevos motuleños are a particularly delicious one. This is a classic breakfast from the small town of Motul in the Yucatan and on a recent trip to Mérida I had the pleasure of trying out several versions in the markets.This is by no means a light breakfast. Huevos motuleños are fried tortillas, topped with a layer of refried black beans, eggs and tomato salsa, sprinkled with cheese, green peas, chopped ham and served with fried plantains. This has become one of my absolute favorite breakfast dishes because it combines 3 of my favorite ingredients: eggs, fried plantains and black beans.While this dish is traditionally prepared with ham, in my version I use bacon.

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Eggs with Cactus in Salsa Verde

Given the surprisingly wide range of Mexican egg dishes, I felt that it was high time that I share a recipe with this classic ingredient.   I decided on huevos ahogados con nopales en salsa verde (literally translated as drowned eggs with cactus in a green sauce) because it’s a dish that I cook a lot and it’s easy, cheap and very tasty.

Huevos ahogados are generally served for lunch in fondas (diners), restaurants and in homes throughout Mexico and are frequently eaten during Lent.  I think this recipe is great at any time of the day and regularly prepare variations of this dish for breakfast, lunch and dinner with leftover salsas.  This version, however, calls specifically for green salsa, which appears to be the more common way of eating huevos ahogados.  The recipe also includes cooked cactus, an ingredient characteristic of central Mexican that is both healthy and rich in fiber.

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